Covid-19 has turned your house into the schoolhouse. We can help.

Schedules, Structure, and "Homeschool"  that works for you 

  • Our clients are those who desire structure in their homes in order for their children to be more successful in school.

  • Sometimes clients are assigned by local agencies.

  • Our clients may have at least one child that has  some academic or behavior concerns.

  • Due to Covid-19

  • Please Complete the form (use your name and school name in referring  spaces.

  • We just need to have information.

  • You can also leave a message on this page and we will contact you.


We are working diligently to ensure that families function effectively to provide the best opportunities for their children to be successful in school and in society.

We expect that once we get involved with a family they will become stronger and more self sufficient.

We ask that you please donate to our efforts. 


Education InsideOut  works to restore and preserve families so that the children will have a greater opportunity to achieve success.

2018 Tikisha Michelle of Education InsideOut

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