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Bridging the gap between school and home.
We Are Parent Advocates

Everyone wants their children to succeed in school and in life. But we can’t leave it all to educators.
If your children have academic or behavior concerns, they may be able to benefit from greater structure in the home. Our parent advocates help you establish consistency, maintain control and build better relationships.

Sometimes clients are assigned by local agencies.

Our clients may have at least one child that has some academic or behavior concerns.

Please Complete the form (use your name and school name in referring spaces).

We just need to have information.

You can also leave a message on this page, and we will contact you.


The old adage of “parenting doesn’t come with an instruction book” rings true in homes across our country. When students don’t succeed, parents need help bridging the gap between school and home. 

                          That’s where we come in.

Parent Advocates at Education InsideOut work from within the home and school to help parents succeed at helping their children succeed. While there are many organizations designed to help the children, there are few that help the parents. To support those who support the families toward children’s success, we need to create a pool of both talent and finances.

                          That’s where you come in.

If you are willing and able, we and the families we help would certainly appreciate any donation you can offer. Click on the link below to send us a note – or donate online – and we’ll get back with you quickly to let you know how your gift helps families become stronger and more self-sufficient.


Upcoming Events

  • Parent Advocate Training
    Parent Advocate Training
    Fri, Mar 01
    Mar 01, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Wilmington, 115 Beaumont Oaks Dr, Wilmington, NC 28411, USA
    Mar 01, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Wilmington, 115 Beaumont Oaks Dr, Wilmington, NC 28411, USA
    Trainees, known first at advocate consultants will learn the ins/outs of EIO and be trained to empower parents.

Education InsideOut is a Wilmington, NC-based non-profit that bridges the gap between school and home. We prepare and empowers parents and teachers, in homes and at school, to properly and effectively impact the lives of children. With improved relationships, consistency and control, children are set on a course for success both in school and in life. 

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