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Education InsideOut 
Everything we do is done to positively and effectively impact the lives of children, preparing them for success at school and in life. Our efforts are specifically designed to help them right where they live, at home with their parents.

Family Support

Helping parents and families to organize their lives by creating effective schedules for each family member. Contact us for a FREE Consult.

Services include one to two 45 minute home visits per week, 4 initiated communications with school personnel per month, 2 school meetings per month and Unlimited phone conversations with an assigned Parent Advocate

School Connection

Facilitating a positive relationship between students and teachers is crucial. A parent advocate serves as a liaison between home and school, ensuring mutual understanding of each party's needs and expectations to promote the student's success.

Parent Empowerment Sessions

These sessions are designed as a group training for parents in person at a school or via Zoom. An identified topic is taught by the Parent Empowerment Specialist or a parent advocate once a month

Court Ordered

When designated by courts or local agencies, a parent advocate assists parents in examining their motivations, actions, and methods, aiding them in creating or restoring a nurturing environment for their family's prosperity.

School Improvement Goals Proposal NEW

As a result of our program, school culture improves, teachers remain committed to the classroom and parents are empowered to be actively engaged in the education of their children.

  • We want to hear your concerns and help you get started at no charge.

    30 min

  • Monthly Training Video

    30 min

    35 US dollars
  • Parent Empowerment for everyday living.

    30 min

    35 US dollars
  • Bridging the Gap

    45 min

    35 US dollars
  • Education InsideOut: Family Reunification and Parent Training

    1 hr

    Program Fees Apply
  • How May We Help You Achieve Your Goals

    45 min

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