2018 Tikisha Michelle of Education InsideOut

About Us

Education InsideOut  works to restore and preserve families so that the children will have a greater opportunity to achieve success. 


We prepare and empower parents and teachers to properly and effectively impact the lives of children. As a result of what we do, parents and teachers Build Better Relationships with their children and students, Establish Consistency, and Maintain Control in their homes and classrooms. 

Parent Advocates

Our Parent Advocates are Volunteers who have gone though our comprehensive, research based training to impact Families by helping Parents navigate through the school system, connect with resources, and put structures and procedures in place at home that will impact the behavior and academic success of their children and the relationships at the school.

Are you interested in becoming a Parent Advocate?  Contact us through this site, and you will receive an appointment to meet with the Lead Parent Advocate before the next training date.  These training session are normally 2 to 3 hours where you learn all about how to empower parents and teachers to Build Better Relationships, Establish Consistency, and Maintain Control in their homes and classrooms.  

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